Library resource access has changed

Access to many library resources, and to past Exam Papers has changed. This page should help you find what you are looking for.

Library resources

For many years the library has used a service called Ezproxy to provide off-campus access to our digital resources. The Ezproxy service has been replaced by a more versatile service called Open Athens. If you have reached this page through a bookmarked link, or a link in LEARN, there are several things you can try.

  1. Try pasting your link into our linkmaker (converts existing links to the new Open Athens format).

  2. If the linkmaker's suggested new link fails, go to the Library web pages and use Multisearch to find a new link for your resource.

  3. If that doesn't help, try searching in the catalogue. This may help with ebooks - if looking for a journal article you'll only find a link to the journal title in the catalogue, but if you can connect to the journal you should then be able to browse by volume or issue to find your article. Our Online Journals page can also help you find journal titles and some ebooks.

  4. Email Library Systems for assistance

Help us update this link for others

If you came to this page from a link in LEARN, or from a Library page, please email us details of the link and where you found it (e.g. if in LEARN the course, and ideally, the week)

Exam papers

These used to be available through the Library web pages, but this has changed.
They now appear in LEARN as a block for each course. If you can't see the block it may be that it has not been enabled for that course - check with your lecturer in that case.
Or search for all exam papers available in LEARN via the LEARN exam paper search: